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Gulf Oil Marine releases its 2020 Position Paper
Hong Kong




  • Gulf Oil Marine releases a comprehensive position paper on its plans to navigate the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap. To download the 2020 position paper, please click here.
  • Gulf Oil Marine kicks off a series of 2020 Transition Seminars at Shanghai under the heading Gulf Clean ACT 2020 to introduce customers to its unique vessel by vessel approach to the 2020 transition.
  • Gulf Oil Marine introduces customers at its Shanghai Transition Seminar to a one stop software platform to create Ship Specific Implementation Plans based on IMO’s recent guidelines and template and Lubricant Transition Plans.
  • Gulf Oil Marine showcases how LOCUS -Location Operation Call Update Supply, its predictive lubricant lift optimization algorithm, plays a key role in creating lubricant switch plans for 2020.
  • Gulf Oil Marine showcases its Cylinder Oil Blending Unit (COBU) and how it adds a new dimension to cylinder oil optimization for ships opting to go with scrubbers.
  • Gulf Oil Marine showcases its unique Gas Sensor and Data to Information technology on board test ships which optimizes fuel consumption and monitors fuel Sulphur content in real time for ships opting for fuel compliance.
  • Kjeld Aabo from MAN Energy Solutions brought the OEM perspective on IMO Sulphur Cap 2020 to Gulf Oil Marine’s Shanghai Transition Seminar held on 19th October 2018.




Hong Kong, 26th October 2018

Gulf Oil Marine is pleased to announce the release of its 2020 position paper. The document explores the various compliance options and challenges ship operators are preparing for to switch to low Sulphur fuel or scrubbers. It presents a range of Gulf Oil Marine’s engine lubricants to give ship operators the widest choice of products to suit their fleet regardless of the engine type, fuel type and sphere of operation and outlines Gulf Oil Marine’s plans to ensure a smooth, hassle free and cost effective transition.

A series of Transition Seminars under the heading “Gulf Clean ACT 2020” kicked off at Shanghai last Friday. The seminars are aimed at helping Gulf Oil Marine and its customers to be in the best possible state of preparedness for implementation of IMO 2020 Sulphur cap by Jan 1st 2020. The seminars will cover 11 cities globally and will touch Gulf’s entire customer base. Each seminar is specifically designed for the customer base attending and introduces customers to Gulf Oil Marine’s individual vessel by vessel approach for the 2020 transition. Bolstering the discussions are expert views from major OEMs.

Gulf Oil Marine’s Shanghai customer base were introduced to a software platform which will help customers document a ship specific implementation plan as specified in recent IMO guidelines. Building on the fuel transition elements of the ship specific implementation plan Gulf Oil Marine has built a mirror lubricant transition plan and made it available on the same platform. Creating a one stop shop for the transition. The platform also serves vessels using the scrubber option for compliance to document changes required on the vessel.

Kjeld Aabo, Director New Technologies, Two Stroke Marine from Man Energy Solutions presented via video conference from Copenhagen and shared the OEM view of new regulations and new developments on MAN engines to address these regulations.
Gulf Oil Marine showcased its Cylinder Oil Blending Unit specifically aimed at customers opting for scrubbers. The unit will add a new dimension to cylinder oil optimization and is aiming for significant cost savings on lubricant spend.

For customers opting for the fuel compliance option Gulf Oil Marine showcased is gas sensor technology and the unique Data to Information platform, running on its test ships, enabling real time measurement, reporting and control of fuel consumption. The development is aimed at substantial cost savings on fuel spend.






For more event photos, please click here.


To download the 2020 position paper, please click here.


For any media enquiries, please contact with Safiul Gazi, General Manager – Marketing & Innovation at [email protected]