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Gulf Oil Marine Ltd.
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Gulf Oil Marine: a new Chapter
01/09/2010 - HONG KONG
Expanding the already comprehensive network of ports, leveraging group technical expertise, while at the same time further developing its already outstanding customer service, are among the key objectives for newly appointed Gulf Oil Marine Chief Executive Officer Keith Mullin.
Gulf Oil Marine Limited
19/06/2010 - HONG KONG
The Directors of Gulf Oil Marine Limited are pleased to announce that Mr Keith Mullin has accepted appointment as the CEO of the Company. Keith has 25 years experience in the shipping and marine lubricants industry. He is very well known and respected in the industry for his depth of knowledge and business skills. All customers and suppliers to Gulf Oil Marine will find the service of the Company continues to grow and improve under his leadership. It is the intention of the Gulf Oil International Group that the Company continues to expand in the international marine lubricants market for the long term and Keith is considered especially well qualified to guide Gulf Oil Marine Limited in the coming stages of its development.
Serving the Shipping Industry with Innovative products
Global trends are hurtling today towards the reducing of our environmental footprint with the reduction of emissions, lower use of harmful chemicals in operations and most importantly a reduction of our footprint on the marine environment, despite a growing commercial activity worldwide. More shipping in coming years and better shipping for sure. The several regulations enacted by IMO regarding SOx emissions, NOx emissions, and now Ballast Water treatment are excellent testimonies to operations improvements but represent as many challenges to overcome for the stakeholders of the Shipping Industry.
Ship operators must not underestimate impact of lubes
The shipping industry should not underestimate the importance of the proper handling of marine lubricants by well-trained marine engineers in the drive to cut costs.
Addax Oryx joins Sealub Alliance Network
29/03/2010 - HONG KONG & GENEVA
Gulf Oil Marine – worldwide player in marine lubricants products and services and Oryx Oil & Gas SA, part of the Addax & Oryx Group based in Geneva – renowned and key player in the energy industry in Africa through its trading and downstream activities concluded a marine partnership for production and distribution of marine lubricants and services within the Sealub Alliance network.