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Used as rental cars or company vehicles, fleet cars tend to be well-maintained and sold at attractive prices when their life of service ends. Airline miles, also known as frequent flyer miles or travel points, are part of a loyalty program offered by airlines and/or credit cards. How to Calculate Your Car's Fuel Efficiency (MPG). The following are I've never had to do anything to that truck but change the oil. By that, I mean I would expect to need recharging at 300 miles. Anything over that is gravy. Now I'm not going to drive 2 hours or 60 miles to get to work. Without going into detail it is not the miles you actually drive but more a, "how the crow flies" from zip code to zip code type mileage. (That said, it was carrying a heavy load and achieved 178. You may even find that some For a truck that old with that many miles on it, you probably won’t be able to get much of warranty out of the deal. Costco's Return Policy (And How Using it Too Much Could Cost You On Reddit , Costco employees recounted people who returned who showed up at the store with a truck full of Costco purchases: You can take it too far. Used Toyota Tacoma for Sale on carmax. Know what you mean . Fortunately, Honda's are very reliable and if you've performed all the required maintenance up until this point you stand a good chance of driving even longer. B. How much are you talking about? A well used compressor will make some oil but still function just fine. com Vans are trucks too, Some of them make mighty fine tow vehicles. " Honda/Toyota/whomever can only guarantee so much on their “certified used”. Drove my bargain about 600 miles and it used very little oil. Some older vehicles may be classified according to the amount of miles the car has been driven rather than the age of the vehicle. it has 210k Many modern cars are just getting broken in at 100K miles. Here’s how to assess its current worth and get the most money at trade-in time. Is the air too warm? Or is the air cold enough but low in volume? Many people think that air conditioners naturally leak refrigerant, so they The one we’ve put every ounce of research and development and time into. It should be clear at a glance just how dependent the American economy is on truck drivers. My bet is it is carboned up and needs replacing. 2018/19 with that many miles already means a lot of driving happened. A truck with 600,000 miles on it will likely need a rebuild in another 200,000 to 300,000 miles, if your lucky. Have you been putting off dental advice to go electric, or maybe you switched but have regrets? For years, brush brands have been adding features teeth don’t need to increase profits, leading to over-priced, complex options. Your equipment waits on you, you wait on no one. Food trucks are indeed relatively inexpensive to open when compared to a traditional restaurant, and the overhead is generally small. I can get the "Bobtail" in my driveway but ya ain't making any turns with a TRAILER plus I ain't got the room for that and yeah likely somebody would complain so I leave the truck at the yard and drive my Pickup home only about 33 miles each way Again, CarFax doesn’t offer this type of service. 60,000 miles seems to be the break-in point. 1. used Zero fluids. too. You would have to run the same oil through the engine for a long time -- many thousands of miles -- before it caused catastrophic failure. We figured it out one day and it was around 5 miles per hour. Get the best deal for Mopar Car and Truck Engines and Components from the largest online selection at eBay. But times have changed and buying a used car need not be All of this is really cool to me because it offers a lot of granularity. Some of the trucks where I used to work had hour meters. tires are important! — Michelin’s new performance tire might just be too good at cornering We've tested it, but need many more miles to make a definitive judgement. year's worth of coverage if he commutes 12 miles to work each weekday,  Work hours are first come first serve so you can get as much as you want, but no paid . com Auction style purchases are available too - just log in and register with www. 9 Reasons so many switch to a quip electric toothbrush. “For many in Maine, taching her up and dumping her is the only way they can be heard, sometimes from miles away. but the drivers didn’t take too kindly I’m probably going to turn in my car and just learn to drive my husband’s stick shift so that we can eliminate one vehicle. How Many Owners Is Too Many? And now on to the all-important question: When you're buying a used car, how many owners is too many? To us, there's no perfect answer. In fact, I can't think of another job that would allow you to log on whenever you want and work as much or as little as you want one week, then do the opposite the next week. My first road trip on a motorcycle happened on the same weekend that I bought my Ninja 250. But if you're being hit with one repair bill after another, these 5 steps can help you decide if the time has come to ditch your old car or truck. Many of these trucks are surprisingly easy to drive - cruise control, automatic - once you get used to how long the vehicle is. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, because I think we should all be free to make our own choices. When you see a horrific wreck on the highway you probably don't realize that many of those cars end up repaired, rebuilt and sold on the used car market. However, used truck prices are up 10 percent year-to-date compared with the first five months of 2018. How many miles is too many miles on a used truck? My brother is a service manager at a Chevy dealer and if I buy through his dealership, he can get me a good price and I will feel safer buying a used vehicle that he's looked over. You can’t go far on the highway without seeing a semi-truck. net to access the major auctions throughout Japan. Next enter the year, make, model and mileage. Share on Twitter There’s a line in a Merle Haggard song that goes, “It takes a special breed to be a truck drivin’ man. You'll enjoy your trip much more and  Finalized the purchase of my SUV yesterday and so far so good (knock on wood!) All in all, this wasn't the worst car buying experience; in fact, it was much better than I think that advice applies to any used dealership or preowned car. Of the 6 in this year's list, one reliable used car is Korean: Hyudai Elantra. . com. minitruckdealer. Well between the two engines, Cat 3126 and a Cummins ISC, the ISC wins on many points, one is it is far cheaper to fix and the parts are still being made. Having just gotten my M-license, I rode pillion on the back of a friend’s bike to Indianapolis to pick You need to be very careful when buying a used car. the man put 350,000 miles on the truck and never had to replace the motor or transmission. From SOPA and PIPA to net neutrality and the March for Science, Reddit continues to be the online hub for com People buy pickup trucks to carry stuff, to haul stuff, and to tow stuff. Carbureted engines don't go as high miles as newer EFI motors - keep in mind that every cold start a crap ton of fuel is dumped into it and some of it ends up in the oil every single time and that means you usually won't make it much past 150K. Not many cars will go 500,000 miles without a serious accident. The cost is far more than just your monthly payments. maybe 800 miles isn't Diesel General Discussion - How many miles on a diesel is too many? - Was curious on how many miles is too many in a diesel truck I find many used diesels between 200000 to 250000 miles how much is too much??? The Raptor is not a long travel truck, despite advertising and journalists saying it is. Engine parts, suspension components and other factors are only designed to last so long, and a car with too many miles is rarely a good decision. 23 Jun 2019 Just buy a three-quarter ton with the big 6. A commercial truck can easily consume more than $70,000 of diesel fuel per year. When they’re not driving to and from events, the hauler drivers are busy supporting their race teams in many other ways. Major players like How to Buy a Car on Craigslist Without Getting Scammed. The question of whether to use synthetic blend vs full synthetic engine oil has been of significant importance since semi-synthetic or synthetic blend oil was first introduced in the 1960s. You will have a great vehicle for many, many years to come. (Car, Truck, Boat and aircraft type batteries). There are too many variables to claim that subaru is making an unreliable car. It’s a small car with big ambitions. and wasting so much gas since I do need to provide my own vehicle and gas. This contributes to a major cost savings to both owner-operators and major truck fleets such as UPS, Fed Ex, Schneider, C. I maintain the car, change it's oil all of that. Top 10 Cars for Smart People Many new readers have been asking me for car advice recently, and there have also been some useful discussions on the matter in the Money Mustache Forum. There’s something uniquely intimidating about looking at a 12 foot (or larger!) moving truck and having to figure out how you’re going to get it from point A to point B with you, the truck, and everything inside of it all in one piece. I used synthetic oil, dropped the tranny fluid every spring. The Grumman LLV was designed as a mail truck for the United States Postal Service, which is its primary user. For instance, in 2013, East Patchogue, New York resident Irv Gordon (1940-2018) had accumulated 3 million miles in his 1966 Volvo P1800. Around here stuff might be low miles, but high hours. For some reason, when my brother went off to college, my parents bought him a new truck (how I' ve always found it odd that many people consider car payments to  16 Aug 2018 With no witnesses, police had precious little to build an investigation on. and misogyny has used Twitter data, because it's far and away the most accessible. ” The most accurate Honda Element MPG estimates based on real world results of 24. ” We would need at least a billion miles driven and several years more to fully grasp how Tesla's Autopilot fares when compared with a car being driven by its human owner. I promptly paid without quibbling, figuring I had a real buy. Mead’s statement on the decision echoed much of the same sentiment. Still not enough range for a truck with a trailer. If I purchase an F-150 , I tell myself I would not put too many miles on it per year . Although it won't be used for expediting, I figure you guys/gals would be the best place for me to ask. Any known problems with high mileage motors or these trucks, it has 128,000 miles on it but is very very nice inside and out!. Of that figure 97% operate 20 or fewer while 90% operate 6 or fewer trucks. The car had amassed 3. How many trucking companies are there in the U. "It is exciting to think that before many people will ride in a robo-taxi, their mail and packages may be carried in a self-driving truck," said Dr. Through The vertically opposed engine has the cylinders sitting sideways. 6% in the last year, fleet operators are struggling to keep a lid on mounting cost pressures - many outside their control - and the number of business failures in this sector is rising at an alarming rate. I usually deal with the 5. com/7j7aAm6tvS is a good illustration of how certain Reddit/4chan denizens think Yang's message will penetrate on the right: . 120,000 . The 3,000-mile guideline dates back to a time when motor oil wasn't quite as advanced as it is now. Available in either a standard roof or the much Plus they can often park for free in many cities! It has a maximum rated speed of 30 mph and a maximum range of 30 miles. Just remember that it’s a good idea to test drive any vehicle before you buy it, no matter whether it’s new or used. What you earn on the road depends on many factors, and this comprehensive guide analyzes what you can make as truck driver in North America and how you can increase your income. A turbo usually has a warranty of about 100,000-150,000 miles. Other gigs pay for mileage and wait time--last night ran a Favor where I . Is the Chevy Colorado Enough Truck? After 18 months and 20,000 miles of travel, the answer is Evaluating the Key Differences of Synthetic Blend vs Full Synthetic Motor Oil. . Oh man, running the engine dry is one of the worst things you can do to your car! Well, if your car can go that many miles without oil, do be sure to check it someimtes just to make sure! Sounds like you know what you’re talking about though. Someone has been sold too many buzzwords by marketeers. 10 Jul 2019 It's a confederacy of men's rights subreddits, so named because it's a The most salient findings will be a sanity check for many women . Save $468 on Used Cars Under $1,000. Shop Trucks for Sale Which tire manufacturers offer the best tire warranties? Before we get into this subject, let’s just say that as with many things in life, there are often trade-offs involved with tire mileage warranties. Driver Salary is the second largest operating cost. How many miles is too many? - 2012 Ford Fusion? I have a couple of questions for you guys… I found a 2012 Ford Fusion SEL that I like. The fire There’s no magical mileage threshold that tells you when it's time to ditch your car. As long as the truck was cared for, I wouldn't worry about. Pulling a trailer with a ford explorer. The Model S involved in the crash The Grumman Long Life Vehicle (LLV) is an American light transport truck. How many miles is to many miles when looking for a used chevy silverado crew cab 4x4? How many miles do you have on your truck? He wants to buy a new truck but he says this truck is still too good to discard. Later legislation increased the limitation to 43,000 miles, of which a total of 42,795 miles has been used. Also depends how old the car is. You can be damn sure they are a must in my life (and probably yours if 5 miles from the nearest interstate and is missing the kinds of amenities many truck drivers count on, such as a sit-down restaurant or showers. A few hyper milers (me This year Shell’s Starship concept truck used advanced aerodynamics and hybrid motors to attain… 8. and my truck has 150,000 miles. How to get car's A/C blowing cold again. 26 Nov 2016 Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Share to Reddit Share to More Looking at buying 2011 f250 with a 135000 miles on it wanting to look for motor and trAnny the truck itself is In great shape how many miles u guys have on ur 6. they are more than 30 years old with too many miles and are a disaster waiting to happen. Buying a pickup truck used to just involve deciding how much towing capacity you wanted, but automakers today offer as many as 75 different versions of some models. Cars today routinely last 200,000 miles or more, so at 125,000 this Honda CR-V certainly has plenty of life how many miles do f-150's really last. It can be easy to check the backgrounds of the vehicles, too, with a CARFAX Vehicle History Report. Any Tacoma is good, but here's what you should look for to maximize your value. 4 ton-miles per gallon, more Buying a used vehicle is an act of sheer necessity for many consumers – the average pre-owned model costs around $19,000, versus well over $31,000 for a new car or truck. did drive with some vigor and still achieved a computer-indicated 28 miles per gallon. I'm looking to buy a used cargo van. Alright i'm starting to look for a new used truck, because my chevy malibu isn't cutting it anymore After reading and doing some research I have found that these trucks last a pretty long time if taking care of, so here is my question. Is this a bad idea? Also, what is too many miles when buying a used Sierra 1500 4x4? After all, a car's odometer is a measure of how much life it's lived -- so a car with only 70,000 miles is worth a lot more than one that's covered 170,000 miles. But remember, once you get the food truck on the road and ready for business, there are many costs associated with the day-to-day operations, including insurance, permits, and other fees. i personally do not like to buy used vehicles with more than 100000 miles on them. Yes, the more mileage there is, the higher the probability of something going wrong, but especially if you buy from a reliable brand, you How many is too many miles on a diesel? Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by buffalonick, Dec 11, 2009. Besides most other cars don't run on LPG so are more expensive to drive, and i guess they are less reliable. Which is more efficient for freight: Truck or train? One of these modes of transport can move 1 ton of freight about 484 miles on one gallon of fuel. That truck had 320,000 miles when it was totaled in a accident. Our trucks are designed to make moving and Step 1: Find Out How Much You Can Afford Many of us may remember when buying a used car ranked right up there with a trip to the dentist. 12 Sep 2019 Man in car wonders how car depreciation affects his vehicle's value (Opens in new window) · Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) “Car depreciation” is a phrase that should be familiar to anyone who's ever tried to buy or sell a car. One last thing, I would not buy any used truck with more then 550,000 miles on it. Go 96 or newer if you're not a mechanic. From boats to travel trailers to horses, no matter what you're hauling, make sure to avoid these common towing mistakes. 11 Apr 2013 The non-money answer is that I love my car because it used to be my been through a lot together; he had a good 150,000 miles on him. If you are planning to purchase a vehicle through DriveTime, you can view a live AutoCheck history report for free on any of our vehicles online. Popular brands like Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, and more each have their own lines of pickup truck models and most have a very loyal following. Used truck prices dipped 1 percent compared with the previous month. The reason few make it that far is lack of proper care or accidents. And if you’re faced with driving a moving truck too, it’s an even bigger one. You've probably already tried the simple things you can do to suck more miles out of a full tank, like avoiding unnecessary idling, eliminating quick accelerations, and making sure your tire pressure is correct. Steven. June 5, I’ve put a fair bit of work into this truck, but it’s still $20,000 cheaper than buying new. The triple bypass dampers mean the truck rides smoother the faster it is driven, and it rides smoother over large bumps than small ones. 0 motors but i want to buy a 97 F150 4x4 and it has a 4. I was wanting to get a truck this year but I've been discouraged unfortunately since the ones I keep looking at need a lot of work  I'm trying to help guide my sister (age 19) towards a reliable used vehicle in her price range (around $10-$12k) but I don't actually know much about used  I'm in the market for a used truck. Buying a used truck brings many advantages, including a lower price and similar reliability when compared to a new truck. My question to you professional wrench-heads out there is … is this suff too good to be true? In many cases, they are better at tracking moving vehicles ahead than recognizing parked ones. ” To ensure you’re buying your tires at the A recent report by Automotive News shows just how much farther ahead of the field CarMax is compared to other major pre-owned retailers. April 26, 2010 at 12:02 am Chad Upton 38 comments. 2 million miles by Gordon's death on 15 November 2018. Many Understanding Trucker Signals. 3 Nov 2017 Of the many fears that used VW diesel shoppers have, the first and you can expect mileage for older TDIs (2009-2012, roughly speaking) to worsen by about two mpg. There are a wide range of manufacturers that have pickup truck options available for purchase. A truck's work capability doesn't really decline with age, and yet you avoid the steep depreciation of the first few years. +1. S. If unsure on a used truck purchase, have it dyno tested. The average trucker is on the road a lot. How many miles is too many miles for a used truck purchase? - looking to get out of my expensive car note on my '10 Tacoma, and I want to upgrade to a full size tu i am looking to buy a f150. So my question to people more knowledgeable than  We serve as Reddit's central hub for vehicle-related discussion … Now it´s time to start buying my own, and I prefer used ones for the value but miles on a How many miles do you consider on a car as too much, or you will start to expect  Here is the link for the truck Link: a gallery of your latest modification, or any questions about what to buy or how to maintain your beauty. If you have a passenger, larger diesel trucks are a little too noisy to talk on the highway - more like shouting. For example, if you want a long mileage warranty, you may sacrifice some traction in bad weather. Here are some broad Canada has in excess of 250,000 truck drivers. For used cars, how many miles is too many? In the market for a car or truck? A. Back in the day , I drove small block Fords in full size cars that would do better than 20 MPG highway . How many miles are these things good for. One in particular is a 2004 Chevy 2500 4x4 with 190,000 miles and he is asking $8,500, it looks like it is in great condition. Typically, you accumulate a set amount of miles based on The odometer read 68,678 miles, and as wear was minimal on the brake and accelerator pedals, I believed the numbers. See also a map, estimated flight duration and the time difference between cities. The largest operating expense is diesel fuel. RE: Trucks-Mileage-How many miles is too much ? ? I agree with the above. It has 274,000 miles on it. For many people a used car is a wise choice. In that case, the car with more miles is going to have clear advantages. 2s foot tall trailer. This outcome usually happens to people who are great truckers but are not good business owners. Here you will find the greatest deals on chemicals and equipment from our loyal sponsors. After driving the car for about 50 miles the “blow-by problem” appears to have been solved (read reduced) to the point where I no longer experience the missfires when starting off the line in 1st gear. truck may have parts used in 1919 Transcontinental Convoy. SCRANTON -- It was a horrific wreck many people still remember, one that inspired a Harry Chapin song. As interest in diesel increases, and clean burning technologies evolve, more and more truck buyers A Walmart truck illegally using a designated detour on a narrow two-lane road in the west hills during the months-long Northwest Cornelius Pass Road closure got stuck on a curve and briefly Don't run the risk of buying a used car with costly hidden problems. It's a mid-travel truck that has been set up very well by a team of professionals from Ford and Fox. Find a older guy like me who thinks he needs to replace his truck at 100,000 miles. “Too many Texans are in mourning. Pull the unloader and look at it. Is this truck (or any Toyota or Honda for that matter) really as reliable as they used to be and can they actually and accurately still be labeled as “don’t break”? Case in point. CARS. The best diesel trucks have always been the workhorses of the automotive world. Standard commercial truck driver salaries are based on the distance driven, per mile. In this first quarter of 2018, CarMax sold over 170,000 In Texas Drilling Country, Oil Plunge Means Too Many Rooms at the Inn Cotulla, population 4,000, built 20 hotels during a yearslong oil boom, calling itself the "Hotel Capital" of the Eagle Ford Details: The long wait-list for new 4x4 Sprinters proves that in many ways, the Sprinter is the crème de la crème for Class B conversion vans. Earning the top spot on the list is the Toyota Sequoia full-size SUV, with 7. The traditional bounce test is a good test for worn shocks or struts. This is the all-electric truck that didn’t exist until our truck-obsessed engineers built it from scratch. I will be using this van for weekly round trips of about 500 miles hauling x amount of batteries. is not used to haul farm products previously acquired by the farmer for resale or to haul someone else’s farm products for a fee. I drove Nissans in the past. Most new-car warranties today last three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. The truck we used for this piece carries a price Mike Ippoliti, Special to In The Driver’s Seat Blog We all are hearing lots about plug-in electric cars, but there is now a great deal happening in the world of trucks, buses and other heavier vehicles. Vans are trucks too and they can tow trailers Quick, take a guess: About how many feet high is an eight-story building? Approximately how many tons does the average pickup truck weigh? About how many oranges must be squeezed to yield a gallon of juice? Maybe you gave these your best shot — or maybe you skimmed right over them, certain that such empty conjecture isn’t worth your time. With less than 60% of those polled being long haul truckers, the average miles logged still came in at 106,350 miles annually. To save you the trouble, we’ve spent far too much time digging through every part of the app and website, and uncovered fourteen of the most useful Google Maps tricks and secrets for travelers. For instance, CarFax has a A comparison of Ford, GMC, and Dodge diesel trucks, and guidelines for choosing the right diesel truck for your needs. 2 months later we traded in our 4 month old truck for a Don't worry, this isn't going to happen if you forget to change your oil one month and it goes over the recommended change interval by 500 miles. That means good used trucks need to be as close to bulletproof as possible when it comes to the engine, transmission, and driv I wake up, drive ten hours, play some games, and go to bed. Buyers in need of serious towing, hauling, and off-road capabilities typically consider both new and used 4x4 diesel trucks. What good are fat tires, a screaming exhaust set up, and a killer big block if all that power can’t be used to make a statement?” Justice Andrew M. There are still so many things to learn about the job, that you haven’t learned yet. When it comes to finding a reliable used car, knowing which used cars are generally rated as the most dependable and reliable can certainly help For our example we are assuming the truck was driven for 100,000 miles. That may make their price a little higher than you would find for a non-certified model, but they’re backed by a manufacturer-supplied extended warranty. ” pilots too are bound to be removed Earn Extra Money By Recycling Used Tires , you don't need a truck to get into this business many shops stockpile used casings for this coming business. Flash forward a few years and the light-duty diesel truck market is hot. The status quo in Texas is unacceptable, and action is needed. I have been looking on craigslist and almost every truck I have looked at has 150,000 or more. CarFax vs AutoCheck – Who Wins? Although many used car lots prefer AutoCheck, CarFax reports do offer some advantages. by Ronald Montoya. So when the car sits and doesn't run for a while the oil naturally sits at the bottom and the gaskets can dry inside the cylinders leading to many other problems. I would want at least 600 miles so I can get over the Rockys and make it to Arizona or Utah with my toys. At the shop, many replenish supplies, switch out spare components for a given track type, assist with car preparation or help fabricate and/or assemble cars. I'm told that they are easily a 300000 Mile truck, that's in a Toyota Tacoma. So, if you buy a pickup or car and put running boards, bug deflector,  RX - 1st Gen (1999-2003) - How many miles can I expect out of a Lexus RX300? Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Share to Reddit Share to More I used to have a Mercedes-Benz diesel car and the people who got over RX300 is still a very strong, reliable, long-term vehicle you can depend on. we were hit 8 times in many fewer miles of city driving. Follow Your Vehicle's Service Schedule: This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are still too many car owners out there who pay little or no attention to the vehicle maintenance schedule as Many non-commercial vehicles (both auto and truck) have exceeded one million miles. On March 18, 1965 Gene Sesky of Scranton lost control of the truck he was driving, hauling If you’re looking for a fuel-efficient car that won’t bore you, the best pick is the Honda Fit. Some cars may be capable of reaching 200,000 miles or more. These seven steps point you in the right direction. 5 million miles driven in 1,090 Honda Elements $180,000 The average total yearly cost of operating a commercial truck. Figure out the numbers, but you don't want to have to rebuild the engine before the truck is paid for. While they may be intimidating to some, in many cases they are the most careful drivers on the road — their life and livelihood is on the line. 11 Mar 2019 Part of Vox's guide to the 2020 presidential candidates Thank you all for getting us this far! pic. I will have many articles coming on the advantages and versatility of full size vans. With that much mileage, some work has better been done to the . Current and historical mileage readings reported from many sources including NMVTIS and DMV title records, online vehicle listings, impound events, auctions, and other sources give you a timeline of the vehicle's odometer readings. You can apply to register your vehicle in person at any of the MVA’s full service branch offices. I haven’t put many miles on it, but I still doubt I’ll get much for it, however I sell it. I am looking for another car , but the problem is this car is not old but has too many km on it, so it is difficult to trade it in. That said, my old Nissan truck has 200k and still runs fine. it depends on the year as well. Shopping for a used car can be exhausting, even if you prefer to do it in the comfort your own home. But some people may choose the used route. 26 May 2014 Facebook · Twitter · Reddit · LinkedIn · Pinterest · Email · SMS "If you initiate that wave, you`d be surprised how many people return it," Dave Zien said. Throughout its fourteen year history, the communities on Reddit have led discussions, debate, and IRL action to solve the internet's most pressing challenges. Unless you know EXACTLY when the oil was changed, skip the sample but look at it. Elliot Friar. Just curious as to see what everyone considers as their "ceiling" on miles if they were to buy a new to them diesel. While you’re putting money away for maintenance, also put some away for taxes. 1 channel per frequency vs bonding multiple frequencies to deliver 8 channels for a  20 Nov 2008 Does anyone know how many miles these engines are good for used vehicle--unless some car dealership that's about to go belly up is  Although Shahrooz Shadbakht's answer is the text book answer to your question, there are in fact Reddit is far more censored a site. Unless you are into cars, or into a $75-150 an hour shop bill (my employee’s get $100 an hour), it is a hard decision. Some TDI owners posting to Reddit and TDI forums report hours of can check by looking up the vehicle's VIN at vwdiesellookup. It will even tell you about other circumstances, like where you live and what you can do to get the highest possible wage over the long term. 2CELLOS 154,411,982 views For many shoppers, choosing a car that can go the distance is an important way to save money. How many miles we talking on this compressor, anyways? And was this a sudden problem, or just a gradual increase in time to full pressure? In what is essentially a fancied up bar chart, we see how many gallons of fuel it takes for a passenger to travel 350 miles by cruise ship, Amtrak, Boeing 737, Sedan, hybrid, etc. The previous owner before me is a mechanic at the Ford dealer where I got it, and he used the truck to tow his Mustang to drag races on the weekends. Likely no more then 2000lbs worth per trip. My 83 C70 is on it's second engine and had under 10,000 miles when I bought it last year. Don’t forget taxes. Frankly with proper care and no accidents most any car can do 300,000 to 500,000 miles. Many of the used car dealer and manufacturer fleet vehicles that you’ll find will still be young enough that they qualify as certified pre-owned cars. 31 Jan 2008 A rebuild will cost much more than a used replacement, which are available for $500-$1000. That makes it all too easy to choose the wrong truck for your needs. But if you’re like most drivers, you may wonder if every suggested maintenance checkpoint in your car manual is essential for the health and well-being of your car. it all depends on the Check hours if you can too. Search new and used cars, research vehicle models, and compare cars, all online at carmax. I recently bought a 2005 with 130000 miles on it. 2 million companies in the U. The truth of the matter is that the whole business of dog JAPANESE NEW & USED MINI TRUCK EXPORTER : Browse our website selection of actual inventory available for immediate purchase. R. Happy Motoring! Steve and Karen Johnston are owners of All About Automotive in Historic Downtown Gresham. Knowing how to run and grow your trucking business takes more than knowing how to drive a truck or choose a route. With the price fuel trending upwards, truck owners are looking for as many ways as possible to get better fuel mileage. A used car is a used car is a used car. How many miles are TOO many miles when buying a used car? I am a single mother of two, in nursing school, and on an extremely tight budget. But those two hours between 10 and midnight are happy hour, when Steven switches Air Miles Calculator helps you to find how many miles is from an airport to an another airport. Sure, buying a used truck with over 200,000 miles might be ill-advised  20 Mar 2012 What, You Only Have 100K Miles on Your Car? Facebook · Twitter · Tumblr · LinkedIn · StumbleUpon · Reddit · Digg built vehicles, it's easy to understand why so many consumers are The main reason why this is so is because cars powered by standard fuel engines are so much cheaper to buy. It’s lively to drive, it’s more spacious than its At a preliminary hearing on the bill some weeks ago a great many charges were made, but not much was proved one way or the other. 13 Jun 2017 Report comes as car and truck sales are booming in Canada power train of a gasoline vehicle, so there is far less to go wrong," said Arbib. After driving it around, though, it won't be too much of a stretch for a two-wheel-drive  8 Nov 2018 Head to Craigslist or the used car lot on the dusty side of town, plop down the better part to a Cherokee, the Kleenex of high-riding family vehicles. Knowing your car's MPG (that is, how many miles it gets per gallon) can help you determine if it's a gas Tesla just announced that 400 mile battery is soon to be released. Although there is no official definition for high mileage, a vehicle with more than 100,000 miles would be considered a high-mileage vehicle. Today, because of the improved lifespan of synthetic oils, many manufacturers suggest a change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. With that in mind, a lot of truck customers are looking for ways to save money, and that includes by shoppi The key to keeping a vehicle going after reaching a high mileage like 120,000, 180,000 or 250,000 miles is maintenance and inspection. Let’s face it. You could never get any warranty work -- which is unlimited mileage for seven . And i am used to the AWD now and don't want to give this up. How many miles does the transportation industry transports good in a year? Equipment used: one Chevy Volt with 52,000 EV miles and a whole lot of spare time! Share on Reddit; Share on WhatsApp Really too low, many owners go with 42-45 PSI. Redditors, or posters have a tenacious desire to be funny or witty and you will see many posts degrade (or expand) into That's like banning the use of trucks because Nazis used trucks. COM — When do you need to replace your tires? We would expect at least 50,000 miles from the tires that come with any new vehicle, but tire life depends on many factors. Increasing a truck's gas mileage is a great solution, and slight improvements are easy to accomplish just by staying aware of gas-saving basics and “I have been to too many of these events,” Abbott said. Shop with confidence for a car with the CARFAX vehicle history that's right for you. ” But a closer look at the statistics shows that his dates were A car’s resale value is based on many factors including age and mileage. Although some cars are ready for trade-in at that threshold, many others can travel twice as far without major repairs. Hondas, and Toyotas can go 300,000 mi and keep going with good maintenance. By Chad Upton | Editor. Our minivan campervan gets around 400 miles to the tank and we just never let it get too far under 1/2 a tank and never had an issue. Moving across the country is a big undertaking. 125,000 miles is almost five times around the planet. hitting the fire truck at 31 miles (50 kilometers) per hour. You often won’t find them unless you really go and hunt them out. Tesla Semi, the automaker’s electric truck division, has received another order ahead of the start of production, which is planned for later this year. Rent, pick up and return your moving truck, pickup truck or cargo van on your own time. 6 and a 5 speed. 60 miles is just way too far for me to drive in a 1999 car. “Full-size SUVs like the Sequoia are built on truck platforms so they have the durability of a truck and the cargo space for up to eight passengers,” said Ly. A turbo can go at any time. You can easily end up with a lemon or rebuilt car. Four Wheel Drive Co. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. Money expert Clark Howard says he always buys tires based on price and has never had any problems with them. Too many Texans have lost their lives. I find myself typing out the same list of recommendations over and over again, so I thought the best strategy would be to dig in, do some up-to-date research, and future is now — Who’s putting money down for a Tesla Semi? Truck isn’t due for at least 2 years, but these companies are looking to adopt early. Maintenance is everything. With the recent purchase of my 2005 they gave me a three-year bumper to bumper warranty. We know — we’ve heard them in our stores from many of the hundreds of thousands of customers who choose to finance with us each year! Below are the 10 questions we hear most often from CarMax customers about used car financing while they’re conducting their used car research. 11 Awesome Adventure Vehicles Under $10,000. an older full-size pickup truck, and a quick image search led him to the exact make and model. Larger vehicles like trucks have a much bigger impact on the environment, as individual vehicles and in total. Now there are thousands of cars on the road that top that mileage milestone with Self-driving trucks are here, but they won’t put truck drivers out of work — yet drivers could log more miles in the same number of work hours, so the first drivers to adopt the technology So many miles So many miles So many miles Away They’re following some dance of light Tearing into the night Watching you fall asleep The sweetest dove in a dream So many miles So many miles So The company said that even one serious incident was too many, but would not disclose how many people had been killed or seriously injured by drivers shuttling Amazon packages from warehouses to How Often Should I Change Engine Coolant? (what many refer to as “antifreeze”) in most of its models should be replaced after the first 60,000 miles, then every 30,000 miles after that I just drove 23 miles and it took me 30 minutes. Many truckers try to get into the business every year and end up failing. 7 Steps to Buying a Pickup Truck; 7 Steps to Buying a Pickup Truck A Guide for First-Time Truck Buyers. Quick-lube chains say 3,000 miles, auto manufacturers recommend 5,000 to 7,500 miles and synthetic oil companies, 10,000. Also, admittedly, how to dig in my heels, troll, and get far too heated over a powered by a 4. With so many model years, configurations and trim levels offered, it may be vehicle, a used Tacoma with 100,000 miles on the odometer is nothing to be  Many of us buy too much car, finance it for too long and then trade it too soon. My question is how many miles would you consider too many? I am just not real sure about the 4th gen Cummins trucks as far as longevity  While there is still such a thing as too many miles, it's not nearly as pressing of an issue. I have never had the engine or transmission worked on I'm looking to buy a diesel truck around spring time this coming year. especially one with a lot of miles you have to get on it right away too. These 12 truck inspections from engine to brakes won’t take long, and examining a used truck helps you get the best deal on a used pickup. How many miles do American drivers log annually? 7 Jan 2019 Pinterest Facebook Twitter Reddit Share How much money is required to get started? find your city and then go to the cars+trucks section under the for sale category. 0-liter V8 engine. Im used to luxury vehicles straight from dealers my entire adult life but Dave Ramey   5 Nov 2015 Reddit user Borsaid What people are saying: "I saw a big rig truck on the side of I-880 carrying a And LBJ spent so many decades as the bane of every Dallasite's . A new study approaches the concept of longevity from an interesting angle, focusing on models that The Average Truck Driver The information provided was gathered from polls taken by Truckers News and Overdrive subscribers. With truck operating costs increasing by up to 4. You can put that many miles on a truck in a year or so. 6 Sep 2018 The store promises to refund almost any purchase with no questions asked. I own an Escape and have 143,000 miles on it, and I've only had to replace the brake hoses, pinion seal, plus regular maintenance (fluid changes, filter changes, struts, tires, brakes, etc. MY TRUCK HAS 153K AND GOING STRONG, BUT MAKE SURE THE what matters most is the condition of the car and that you are getting a fair price. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Too Many Zooz - Car Alarm (Official Video) YouTube 2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - Duration: 4:59. Strong adult language is used in the video below. They gave me three grand at trade in for my 1998. and has been described as “the pickup truck of electric scooters There's a lot to like about driving for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, and most people don't realize just how flexible it is until they start doing it. com analyzes prices of 10 million used cars daily. good luck finding a bargain. OBD2 can be a godsend when you have no idea WTF you are doing. The retired science teacher paid $4,150 for his 1966 Volvo P1800 when it was new (at that time it was This depends on the brand, and what happened during those 150,000. It used to be that if oil were left in the crankcase too long, it would start to degrade, causing a buildup of sludge [source: Torbjornsen But aside from a truck stop every 40 miles or so, nothing was out here except hills and rocks and mountains, which is why the surroundings are so pretty and so desolate at the same time. The average transaction price for a brand-new 2019 full-size pickup is right around $50,000. what kinds of issue would one expect at what mile range. In general, how many miles is too much when buying a used car? Looking for a used car, budget is 8k. A pickup truck is a standard truck with its normal, stock bed. Lucky for you, we've rounded up the best websites for finding a used vehicle online, whether The Toyota Land Cruiser is well known in the realm of iconic vehicles and there have been many models during its 40-plus years of production, so we sat down with the experts at Man-A-Fre and came Driving on smooth roads will cause much less wear than driving on roads with lots of bumps and potholes. yamagin. Not too many buyers will be keen on this vehicle, but true truck fans know what Raptor brings. Here are the 10 most reliable models of the decade. I am about to finally get a newer truck. With so many Ford Rangers sold over the life of the truck – it was available between 1982 and 2012 in North America – just a little sleuthing ought to turn up a nice model well under our self 8 Used Trucks With The Best Gas Mileage Pickup trucks traditionally don't get good gas mileage, but there are some cheap used trucks that can break away from that stigma with decent MPG. The Bollinger B1 is an all-electric truck with 360 horsepower and up to 200 miles of range Built for — and in — the great outdoors By Sean O'Kane @sokane1 Jul 27, 2017, 7:00pm EDT 12 Tips For Buying a Used MotorcycleFor most, motorcycles are not a necessity. But, the engine was running a bit rough. 26 Aug 2014 In-depth coverage of the world's largest democracy for India and its far-flung diaspora Time Warner Cable installation truck Someone claiming to be a Time Warner Cable technician is spilling secrets on Reddit. I'm taking trip on Sunday and from here to there and back it will be around 174 miles. Im looking into buying a used 04 Sierra 1500 SLT Z71, it has 201,100 and is in kinda rough condition but its only $5,900. When buying a truck, always get the oil analyzed, get the vin and run the vin, have the ECM dumped to verify the miles and get the engined dyno'ed. If the size you requested isn’t available, U-Haul may offer you a larger truck or suggest a different rental location. www. is a truck with 80K have 30k left or 100k left? i currently have a 96 dodge 3500 with a cummins. ” B2 The B2 electric pickup truck is the big brother of the B1. As an example calculation, if a standard Model S 85 with 19" tires having 265 miles of range is changed to 21" tires the range would be reduced by ~3% to about 257 miles. “I have been to too many Pretty straight forward question. How to Use U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 to Pick Up Your Truck. The problem is it has a LOT of miles for a 2012, 97k to be exact. many brave auto-buying pioneers have forged a reliable path to success when looking for online auto wares. Shell Rotella Gas Truck is all about hard work and we know that many gasoline-powered pickup and SUV drivers, particularly those with 4x4 vehicles, use their trucks for hard-working purposes. ? Estimates of 1. Three Months, 3,000 Miles Or Longer?: The Truth about Oil Changes. Worst aspect: The roads are far and away the roughest interstate The majority of the data used comes from the US government. I paid cash for a low mileage late model two years ago, only $6k. It’ll take about 48 Whoppers with cheese to walk 350 miles. Yes, we prefer cars with fewer owners, as they're likely to be better maintained and preserved. The electric trucks will be used to move Customers have lots of really good questions about auto financing. 8 Mar 2016 Cars whose owners nurtured them to last 200,000 miles used to be an specifically for a Chevrolet Cruze, but applicable to many vehicles. Trucks getting too expensive? The Nissan Frontier is the cheapest truck you can buy in the United States with a starting price below $20,000. i have a friend that was a car salesman and sold a man a truck over 10 years ago. If you want to get a good job in Southern California and you live in the IE, people drive 60 miles one way to work and that takes 1. I know some who have well over a million miles without any major problems. Work-related fatalities for trucking jobs dropped slightly in 2015 from 2014 When buying a used car, many drivers seek out fleet cars. Double-cab trucks have four doors, too, but the Best Answer: For a used car, 40,000 miles is rather low. I haven't owned a diesel before, and I'm looking to spend around 10k-ish. iSeeCars. It is also used by Canada Post Download Table. 5 hours or 2 hours just to get to work. 26 Jun 2015 On average, a 2015 pickup truck will cost you 14 percent less to insure sticker prices and less-powerful engines that don't cost as much to repair or . Most of my miles are highway now too, and then all the summer miles are pulling a landscape trailer in city traffic. 1956 Ford F-100 – This was the only year Ford produced this generation F-100 with a wraparound windshield and to many – maybe too many – it’s the best looking pickup truck ever built For the last few years, manufacturers have been backing away from the 3,000-mile recommendation because that number is based on older, less efficient oils that were used decades ago. Most lists of reliable used cars are all-Japanese makes and models. There is zero doubt in my mind it would have gone 400,000 miles. Xiaodi Hou, the founder, president and chief technology officer of TuSimple. When that accident happens the true value of the car is often less than the cost of repair so it get junked. The one we scrapped and started over for getting too complicated. i have seen alot for sale with miles that range from 50K to 150K. Many drivers get paid what is referred to as "paid miles". England, J. based on price i feel 2001-2003 the range of years i will be looking at. ” I wanted to know what exactly that meant, so I ended up driving 2,668 miles with one 2. Trucks actually need less frequent 'play' or adjustment of the steering wheel than a car. As far as a van vs straight truck, I would go with the straight truck every time. The one we love the most. 0L Jeep engine, 1912 might have been a much happier year. Want to know what your truck cost per mile, or planning a trip and want to know how much it will cost? Here's the place to discuss everything about trucks! I would like to have around 10k/yr which would put me closer to 100k, but I bought it used 12 months ago and it is what it is. Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Police used a marked SUV to ram the mail truck outside the Cinergy Movie Theater in Odessa, disabling the vehicle. U-Haul has many different truck sizes, and each location has different equipment in their inventory, so it may be difficult to get the one you need. Was a yard truck and sat idling day after day after day. The all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf is rated at 150 miles, the Chevrolet Bolt has a 238-mile range, and some Tesla vehicles reach to 300 miles and beyond on a single charge. When it comes to making a vehicle last – I mean really last – Irv Gordon is a superhero. This is the range that most customers of the former P85+ configuration experience since nearly all of those variants are configured with 21" tires. If you look at any factory-recommended service intervals, after 100,000 miles they cease to exist. Many of the gas stations along the route to Alaska (especially in Canada) are old school without card readers meaning the stations have to be open to get gas. The owner was buying a new truck and asked only $850. A couple of non-fuel modes of transportation are included as well using caloric conversions. Get ready to go on a deep dive into the numbers behind how many kWh is required for Tesla's Semi-Truck to compete with its diesel competitors Share on Reddit; 5 we have an electric semi How Many Miles To The Gallon? He used computer modeling to redesign the Ford Explorer, the nation's most popular SUV. I am looking into getting a Chevy 2500 and wondered how many miles would be too many for a gas engine. The average price of a Class 8 used truck sold in May was $47,887, up 6 percent compared to May 2018 when trucks were selling for $45,188. I am looking for a dependable SUV to last the next 4-5 years, but the majority of the pre-owned vehicles in my price range ($4-6k) have 100,000 miles on them. Many people have traded their large vehicles for something that uses less gas, but if you need to drive a truck and have to pull a trailer, trading it for a fuel-efficient car isn't an option. With several million miles under my belt as an experienced truck driver, I still remember after all these years, my first year as a truck driver. But he does offer this warning: “Don’t buy from a low-volume dealer. The tires might have sat for so long that they could be rotted out. Note: A farm truck must have gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 10,000 pounds or more. I’ve got to admit, my first time driving a 26-foot moving truck made me feel like a ‘truck driver’; all I needed was my radio and trucker hat. Found a few nice cars in the 2006-2009 range, but all of them had between 110k and 140k miles. In fact, many of today’s vehicles routinely exceed 100,000 miles without experiencing major mechanical problems. It's possible to get a great deal on a nice vehicle if you buy a fleet car, but it's not always smooth sailing. What's more, there are now plenty of certified used trucks with factory warranties available at dealers. Many manufacturers use a 30-60-90 schedule, meaning certain items need to be inspected, changed, or replaced at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. Yet the UN 2 days Truck Hauling Tesla’s Oil is too Precious to be Used as Transportation Fuel Yes RayG is right, Except the acres of solar panels are actually 10s or hundreds of square miles of Can a food truck change a neighborhood? There's no official count of how many businesses closed or moved; a May code enforcement report said the number of vendors "dropped significantly" since The combination of these changes reduce drag, thereby improving airflow and ultimately reducing fuel consumption [or improving fuel efficiency improvement (FEI)]. Our little 2015 Chevy Sonic gets 24 - 26 MPG in town ( depending on A/C use ) and 34 - 36 MPG highway . April 12th, 2019. I can burn rubber almost accidentally now, and when I first got the truck, it almost never happened. So, since the annual mortgage payments on the truck were 16,000, we divide 16,000 by the 100,000 miles and we find the cost of the truck mortgage in $0. Some aftermarket manufacturers say 50,000 miles is the limit for shocks in average driving conditions, but some must be replaced sooner if they are used on rough roads. Hunt and Swift, among many others. By Eric Cramer, Rock Island Arsenal Garrison Public Affairs June 22, 2009. Bad Brakes Cause Fire Truck To Crash. Google+ Reddit Pinterest Tumblr. Preventative maintenance is the key, have your spark plugs inspected every 30,000 miles and replaced when the gap is beyond what is specified by the vehicle manufacturer’. That is the massive energy of 450 hp, and unbelievable twisting force for petrol unit – 520 lb-ft. Also, there are unique exterior features, and for 2019 F-150 Raptor, Ford could prepare a new trademark grille. The original truck seemed to get a huge power increase around 50,000 miles, and the current truck behaves exactly the same with 62,000. Autopilot systems are designed to follow speed limits and traffic regulations so, at least in theory, they should be much safer than humans, especially when used properly. If you got 30 days/12,000 miles, that would be about all you could reasonably expect. 9 mpg. I have a truck with almost 1 million miles that is still running strong. ). Unfortunately, many of those extras are hidden away in menus and settings. How many craft breweries are too many? Anaheim’s got 15 and more are on the way share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) population lives 11 Tips for Driving a Moving Truck Share | Driving a U-Haul truck isn’t too different from driving a regular vehicle. 16 cents per mile. Excitement can be one of the first emotions when you are behind the wheel of a 26-foot truck! Alison, coming through, 10-4, over. What Does Your Work Truck Say About You? To my Brothers of the construction trades, the oil industry, the armed forces, and even plain old civilian office jobs. My First Year as a New Truck Driver. Here’s what you’ll need: Consumer Reports reliability rankings show which pickup trucks have delivered over the years -- and which aren't worth the money. Next What you're aiming to buy the car is $500-$1,000 below that fair trade-in price. For his part, Jeff is far more concerned about the victim's family than . twitter. Yet we receive as many inquiries about the pickup as any other single subject about road life. However, disadvantages exist, too. Yang , like many entrepreneurs who have become attracted to UBI, . I'm pretty close to your mileage (159,500) on my 01 2500HD. As gas prices rise, fuel efficiency is becoming more and more of a critical factor. Usually, they come with an additional powertrain warranty on the expensive engine, transmission, and axle systems, which also include a lot of expensive computer control systems these days. I just don't see too many jobs being like that. Some people even go 10,000 miles (16,093 kilometers) or more without any guilt -- or damage to the engine. A few last four years or 50,000 miles. Not so long ago a car or pickup nurtured by its owner to run for 200,000 miles or more was an exceptional case. 4 percent of its vehicles reaching 200,000 miles. My wife has a 2014 RAV4 XLE AWD now with 23k miles and it’s the most stiff, jarring, rattly, uncomfortable thing I’ve ever driven but she loves it so it Embark is one of many companies that believe semis, not personal cars, are the smartest use of autonomous technology, or at least the best way to get it onto the road ASAP. i live in ohio so it will be a 4x4, and i also want a crew cab. Trucks are built to be tough and reliable, so buying used makes financial sense for many drivers. Separate legislation allows the Federal Highway Administration to approve additional mileage if it meets full Interstate standards and would be a logical addition or connection. Or perhaps you're in the market for a white 8-cylinder standard cab pickup truck, a red SUV with less than 50,000 miles, or a standard transmission black sedan. Wow, 250,000 miles!? That's quite a feet - it's rare to see a car on the road these days with that many miles. Search 595 listings to find the best deals. By browsing the extensive selection available online on eBay, you'll be able to choose from thousands of used cars for sale. We know that gas truck owners want a motor oil that delivers on key benefits including protection for extremes their engines face. there are many too choose from, so start looking online first. Our sponsors are as follows; Interlink Supply, Jondon inc, Masterblend truckmounts, Rotovac equipment, Adco carpet cleaning supply, amtex truck mounts, piranha marketing, howard partridge phenomenal products, bonnetpro, more floods, bridgepoint chemicals and many are welcomed. This resulted in 10 extra miles being “deducted” (which the IRS may not like). I also got 22+ MPG after driving nearly 400 miles at 65 MPH. U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 Pick-Up and Return lets you rent and return a truck anytime, day or night. However, it accidentally recorded too many miles because it counted the distance from multiple UberPOOL passengers from a single ride separately. He is an Truck driver remains one of the deadliest occupations in the country, with 745 drivers killed on the job last year. Although, it’s not unusual for retired postal workers to purchase a used postal van or truck for their personal use, there are special considerations that they should make about how to buy one in the first place as well as the legal responsibilities that they must adhere to. how many miles is too many for a used truck reddit

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